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efforts both embrace.

About Us

about us

Who We Are

Left Right, Left Right, Forward March! (LRLRFM) is a platform to permit dialogue between parties that would otherwise ferociously oppose each other ideologically. By narrowly constructing a set of objectives, we hope to find common ground between the Left and the Right with the intention of bringing attention to ideas on which both sides agree.


These narrow objectives are organized into coalitions, which are supported by non-profits, think tanks, and advocacy groups from opposing sides of the political spectrum to find common ground.


We want to end the political gridlock and find the issues we can all agree on. We hope you will join us!


What We Do

Encourage Unity

As Americans, we can have meaningful disagreements while still working together on projects that serve the common good.

Inspire Collaboration

Our Left-Right partnerships encourage others to make an effort to work with those with whom they disagree politically.

Motivate Real Impact

We endorse projects that get results. Amid all the rhetoric, we strive to make life better for others while increasing civility throughout the nation.

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