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Friess Oklahoma Governor’s Challenge Reports Tremendous Progress

by: leftright

August 30th, 2013

Relief completed; recovery begun

In the immediate aftermath of the devastating May Oklahoma tornados, Foster and Lynn Friess, under the banner of LeftRightLeftRightForwardMarch!, gave $1,000,000 to the victims and announced a challenge to America’s governors: If the head of every U.S. state collected $20,000 in private donations, the total could match the $1 million Friess gift.

Foster is asking for your help in getting better results: Please contact your governor and encourage participation in this project and ask your friends to give generously. Donations are entirely tax deductible, and, because of Foster’s Challenge Grant, their money will be doubled. In particular, you might want to ask a friend with whom you disagree politically to join you donating, in the spirit of the LeftRight, LeftRight, Forward March! Initiative.

The results have been tremendous, but there is still work to be done. I hope that this short report will inspire you to contact your governor and ask how this initiative is progressing in your state!

Here’s some of the good work that has been achieved, thanks in part to Governors Challenge funds:

The Salvation Army has raised more than $10 million thanks to the nationwide outpouring of support. They have provided Oklahoma tornado victims with more than 300,000 meals, drinks, and snacks; 4,607 cleanup kits for homes destroyed; and offered emotional and spiritual care to 12,995 individuals.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief has provided 577 families in need with direct gifts totaling more than $1 million, has saved 1,157 homeowners more than $5 million in clean-up costs (even paying their insurance deductibles), and has provided 175,000 meals. Chaplains have prayed with more than 10,000 people.

Convoy of Hope, with its strategy of 3 days of rescue, 30 days of response, and 300 days of recovery has provided 24 tractor trailer loads of goods valued at over $1.9 million to victims. Debris removal for 87 households. Over 1,000 volunteers activated, serving over 7,300 hours.

So far, the governors of 11 states, both Democrat and Republican, have topped the $20,000 Governors Challenge goal. Five more are quite close. The ideal of 100% participation is definitely possible, and immensely worthwhile: Many in Oklahoma are still in need!

Get your state to participate in this effort to bring red states and blue states together for a great cause.

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