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Sleek “STUCK” Film Reveals Plight of Orphans Worldwide

by: Joe Lindsley

October 24th, 2013

“More than 10 million children are stuck in orphanages”

The Both Ends Burning adoption campaign spent the past summer traveling the United States introducing its movie STUCK to the nation. Worldwide, more than 10 million kids languish in orphanages, without families to care for them. Yet, despite the large numbers of families wanting to adopt, both domestically and internationally, it is surprisingly difficult to get these children out of the institutions that, basically, imprison them.

STUCK reveals that plight and encourage us all to do something about it. The cross-country bus tour finished in Washington, D.C., and a bipartisan coalition of legislators is now working to cut through the red tape and to demand that other countries treat their orphans better by actually working to get them out of orphanages. Senator Mary Landrieu (Democrat, Louisiana) and Senator Roy Blunt (Republican, Missouri) have launched legislation called Children in Families First to ensure that the U.S. government incorporates the needs of parentless children into its foreign policy.

Senator Landrieu’s office even commissioned one of its interns to deliver copies of STUCK to the offices of other senators and representatives. The intern, Abby TerHaar, wrote to Both Ends Burning about her experience:

“I have delivered [DVDs of STUCK] to all of the Senate offices and about 70 House offices. I have seen Stuck twice and shown it to my whole family. I have no direct connection to adoption, except that one of my friends was adopted from Cambodia ….

“I returned to the office after finishing the deliveries in the Senate this morning and [a Landrieu staffer] told me that at least three offices had already reached out to her after watching Stuck and were talking to their bosses about cosponsoring CHIFF. So, I just wanted to say thanks for making this movie and for making a difference!”

Watch the 2 minute trailer for STUCK here.

Watch a great film, learn about some people who could use your help, and support a great cause: You can buy the movie on iTunes or here through Both Ends Burning’s website.

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