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Foster Presents Healthcare Ideas

by: Foster Friess

March 7th, 2014

Imagine this: You are not properly insured and then you get hit with a terrible accident or disease that requires costly treatment. Should any American citizen ever have to worry about being financially devastated by a medical bill?

Both the Left and the Right agree that this is a real problem.

But forcing insurance companies to take on those with pre-existing conditions could bankrupt insurance providers, especially when young, healthy people intended to subsidize the sickly are not incentivized to sign up for insurance. And a bankrupt insurance provider can’t provide insurance for anyone. So what can we do?

How long would a fire insurance company remain in business if home owners only signed up for fire insurance when there house started to burn?

How about a solution that both those on the Left and the Right can embrace? We could perhaps create high-risk pools called Safety Nets for those with preexisting conditions and high medical costs. These Safety Nets could be funded by collaboration between federal, state, and local governments, the productive sector, and charities.

How would we arrange the funding of these Safety Nets? We need your proposed solutions. Please post your ideas below. 

Life can be complicated, and sometimes we get hit by the unexpected. And that’s when it’s necessary to carry each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). Working together, we could help those most in need, while bolstering the integrity of our health insurance marketplace.

Here is a 32-minute presentation about healthcare I delivered in Jackson Hole a few weeks ago. I would welcome your reaction and ideas on the thoughts expressed and also suggestions on how I could improve the presentation when I take my second run at doing so. 

(Incidentally, in my last post about Ted Cruz and Sheila Jackson Lee collaborating on school choice I mistakenly called her Sheila Lee Jackson. My goof.)

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