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Announcing the LeftRightLeftRightForwardMarch! Challenge Grant

by: leftright

September 13th, 2013

$1 million to support Water Missions International

The Friess Family Foundation gifted to Water Missions International (WMI), a $1,000,000 Challenge Grant. Molly and George Greene founded WMI in Charleston, South Carolina, from proceeds of the sale of their environmental test and engineering firm. For the twelve years since they have been serving as unpaid volunteers.

The purification unit George designed filters harmful bacteria and all kinds of cruddy stuff from existing water sources in 49 different countries. The United Nations calculates there are more deaths per year from dirty drinking water than from all wars and global violence combined. Each year, more than 1.5 million children aged 5 and under die from contaminated water. A staggering 9.1 million lives are lost each year because of really bad water.

Lynn and Foster suggest that you find someone who does not share your political perspective, and request that both of you send money to help reduce the number of illnesses and deaths. Then seek with that other person more common ground. We can all agree that clean water is essential to a better world, so build upon that. We might not be able to end wars but we can save lives when we give the gift of clean water.

Could you consider sending a big fat check? A small check? Ten bucks cash?

Join the Friess Family Million Dollar Challenge by calling Water Missions International at (866) 280-7107, mailing checks payable to “Water Missions International” PO Box 31258, Charleston, South Carolina, 29417 with memo “Challenge Grant”, or you can donate online.

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