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Wyoming Governor Responds to Friess Challenge

by: leftright

June 6th, 2013

Gov. Matt Mead asks citizens to raise $20,000 to help Oklahoma tornado victims

After donating $1 million to support the relief efforts in the aftermath of the deadly tornado that blasted through Moore Oklahoma, Lynn and Foster Friess challenged the governors of all 50 states to use their bully pulpit to raise $20,000 in private funds for the victims. If every governor meets this challenge, the total would double the $1 million Friess donation, going a long way to relieve a lot of suffering.

Lynn and Foster made this challenge as part of the LeftRightLeftRightForwardMarch! initiative which seeks to unite Americans of disparate political views in common projects for the greater good. Learn more about the initiative at LRLRFM.com.

Here’s a 1/2 page story from the Tulsa World about Gov. Mead’s call for the people of Wyoming to join Lynn and Foster in helping the tornado victims.

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